Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I made one!

Well I tried making the Rekenrek and it will work.  The cost was $ 1.00 for the 6 x 9 whiteboard at Dollar Tree, red and white pony beads $ 1.97 for a pack of each color with 500 beads in them, and 1/4 inch elastic which is a great size because the beads are secure on the elastic which cost $ .97 for 4 yards.  I cut the elastic 15 1/2 inches long and tied it in the back.  It can be sewed too but didn't want to pull out the sewing machine after a long day working in my classroom.  Therefore the most expensive thing was the dry erase boards.  It could be slipped on and off like a rubber band when not in use and serve a dual purpose.  Here it is!

What I like about it is.....the students have the small whiteboard that they can write the
equation below the beads.  The little white board has the dry erase marker and eraser...I bought 5
boards just to see if it would work.  More later....coffee time.



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