Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Common Core Expectations

What a wonderful resource for teachers! These little books put out by McGraw Hill "The Common Core, Clarifying Expectations for Teachers & Students."  Align, Assess, Achieve, LLC or is the place to go to when purchasing this handy little resource. 

Our principle purchased one of these for each teacher that did the planning in that subject. One of us plans ELA first grade, one ELA second grade, one Math first, and one Math second. I must say that honestly this book is the best resource I have in planning.  They provide the cluster, standard, suggested Mathematical Practices, Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Suggested Learning Targets, and vocabulary.  Along the very bottom right of the page is the 2.MD.7 standard listed, on the page it is clarified and described.  These books are a must have in my humble opinion.

Please excuse my blog's appearance.  It is under construction and within a week or so it will be looking spiffy.  Check out these essential books if you are entering CCSS.  I absolutley love mine.


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