Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dianne McCune and Common Core State Standards

Whooo Hoooo! I got an exciting call tonight from an old friend. Dr. Dianne McCune who was formerly here in Louisiana with the Rapides Foundation Grant teaching writeing strategies across the curriculum. She is one of those teachers that never stops! Here is a little information about Dianne. Dr. McCune has been presented at state, national and world conferences. The recent presidential directive, No Child Left Behind has focused the spotlight on her results-oriented strategies. As an author of several teacher resource books and a comprehensive literacy video program, she brings her inquiry-based teaching approach to schools and educators, transforming children worldwide. Dr. McCune spent over thirty-five years in the public school system teaching a span of grades from pre-school, gifted and talented to special education. She established her reputation in the field of gifted education K-12, where she developed her own interdisciplinary process based on a hybrid of The Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and The Scientific Method. Her “multi-sensory” approach, reminiscent of the Socratic format of learning through direct experience, is designed to meet the needs of diverse student populations. This approach produced two world champion Olympics of the Mind teams (known today as Odyssey of the Mind). As an international literacy consultant, Dr. McCune has benefited from evaluating other successful teaching approaches used around the world. She continues to teach university courses as well as a variety of literacy workshops as an adjunct professor with Ohio University, and has taught at Ashland University and the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. She has been honored with numerous awards including, The Gifted Teacher of the Year Award, Ohio, and was inducted into the Ohio University Hall of Fame in 1996. She is a firm believer in using the latest technologies to address the educational challenges presented by the new millennium. Dr. McCune was a featured presenter at the COTA State Conference in Columbus, Ohio 2008 as well as the National Reading Recovery Conference in 2009 and 2010. As well as the JASCD World Conference in Toyoka, Japan in 2012. Dianne shared her newest endeavor with me tonight and continues to amaze me with her talents. Be sure to check out her new site. I can't wait to become a member because she is addressing all curriculum areas. I visited her site tonight and love what I have seen: Here is what her Home Page looks like: I love her information on Metacognition: Check out her site, you won't be sorry!


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