Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom just about ready!

Oh wow things are coming together and my classroom is almost ready to welcome my new students.
Here are a few photos of what I have done so far.  Here are my daily folders...I am a frog collector in case you have not guessed that already. My school started my collection, when I became National Board Certified in 2002! They wanted to give me gifts and asked if I collected anything. My response was, "Yes I collect dust!" I had seen some ceramic frogs and loved them.  Someone gave them the information and I  have been hooked ever since.

Flipped signs (Daily Folder) are a gift from Ladybug's Files...thanks so much for that free download.  Here is my favorite frog of all times!  The Yellow Frog!

This is Ladybug Files' flipped numbers.  I laminated them cut them out and went to our district media center and ran them through the sticker machine.  Just peeled and stuck them on. Her flipped signs are so cute!

I saw this on Pinterest!  Car Riders, Bus Riders, and After Care signs I have clipped on the mini
pins and will write each students' name on a pin.  Great way to keep up with the changes in parental plans that happen throughout the day.  At a glance we know where they are going.

My math center with manipulative items.  Love pastels and I created my own flipped signs because my baskets were small.  So happy I am organized this year!

Finally my classroom "Supply Cake" another treasure from Pinterest.  I will change the ribbon on the top layer after I pick up something tomorrow.  I wasn't quite prepared, but it is still a cutie. I can't wait for my students to see it. 

Finally, my last Pinterest treasure was the dry erase board with lined scrapbook paper (looks like a sheet of notebook paper) inside a picture frame along with a little frog bow on the top right.  I forgot to take a pic of that today.  Well just sharing my classroom so far.  Almost done! Our students arrive on August 20th and we start on August 14th with in services for four days prior to the arrival of students. I hope everyone has a great year!  I am busy making lessons and creating items that implement CCSS.  I am very excited to start this new school year.


  1. I love your froggy blog. I have over 100 frog items in my classroom. My teaching philosophy is to Fully Rely On God...F.R.O.G! =)

    I am happy to be your newest follower. I have a F.R.O.G. poem I shared on my blog that I would love for you to read. =)

    Heather's Heart