Thursday, August 2, 2012

One full week left! YIKES

Oh my where has all my summer gone?  We have one full week left and then we're off to a new school year.  I actually start back on August 7th with Master Teacher duties.  Therefore, although
the perimeter of my room is done....there is a center that is still very much undone.  I hope I get
it all done in 2 more days.  I am doing like Common Core...LOL...I am digging DEEP!  The hoarder of papers is actually going to throw all the old stuff.  The new assessments differ a lot from what will
be expected from CCSS.  Now to build up all those files of new items in new formats.  I have been
putting up all my flipped signs and Ladybug's numbers to 40 which I love because of the bright colors.  I definitely have a basket full of surprises for my new kiddies!  The 8 students I had last year in first (now in 2nd) will think they are in the wrong room.  Teaching two grades in the same amount of time most teachers have for one grade level is a challenge, but very rewarding.  I hope everyone has a great year!


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